Additional Therapies
Hot/Cold Packs:
Hot Lava Stone:
Cedar Steam Sauna:
Manual Therapy:
Promotes healing and pain control by stimulating muscle memory
Electric stimulation to acupuncture points.
Hydro packs to "steam - heat" muscle groups.
For heat and poultice treatment.
Electronic massage unit used to soften and relax muscles.
To heat, purify, and relax the body.
Essential Oils:
Pure plant and herbal oils to treat specific health issues.
Eucalyptus oil additive for available for sinus treatment.
Ozone Therapy:
Introduced to the body via hot water to oxygenate and purify your body
Hubbard Tank:
Jacuzzi hot with moving jets to relax and warm your muscles to make them
more pliable to increase the effectiveness of your massage treatment.